BuzzingBOTS [American Brand Collectible Character ー BuzzingBOTS]

2013/02/06 , ,


Coming from the United States, new and unique characters, BuzzingBOTS are here. LuvBOT, Yummy(BOT), One Eye NinjaBOT, and more BOTS with different personalities and emoticons, there are countless BOTS within the collection, all of which can be combined and connected with one another. BuzzingBOTS can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, but particularly for elementary school children and teenagers. Each BOT can be a form of self expression or a mark of friendship, and can be applied to collectibles. Currently there are over 30 different varieties of BOTS. Through its uniqueness and variety, there is guaranteed to be a “cute” or “cool” BOT for everyone.


In America, Synergy Licensing LLC in New York has acted as an agent since September of 2012, and has began its licensing program for stuffed plush, gifts, stationaries, publishing, apparel, and accessories targeting tweens.


For licensing opportunities in Japan, please contact:

Sho Murakami, Marketing Manager
Tact Communications, Inc.
3F Meiwa Bldg. 4-1-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
Tel: 03-3815-7901 FAX: 03-5773-5585


Tact Communications was established in 1982 and over its 30 year history, has offered consulting, branding, investing and licensing for the international community. Currently, our company serves 23 foreign properties, and our agents are working in 17 separate firms to provide international networking support in promoting licensing globally.