Susanna Sivonen

Susanna Sivonen is known as a multi-talented designer and an artist with passion for colours and special details. Her design company was founded in Sweden in 2010.

She is one of the brightest Scandinavian design talents whose work became famous in Finland after she had designed collections for leading Scandinavian design and fashion brands such as Finlayson, R-Collection and Aarikka. In addition to her design collaborations and art projects, she has launched the Susanna Sivonen brand to develop beautiful products with a very specific touch of her artistic style.

She is inspired by the cycle of nature, plants and animals. Having grown up in Scandinavia, the cold and darkness of the North, and the changing colors and scents naturally flow onto paper instinctively in Susanna's work.

Territory: Japan

© Susanna Sivonen

Susanna Sivonen